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Testimony Spotlight!!!


CSI’s Functinoal Family Therapy (FFT) Therapist Brandi Robinson received a lovely testimonial letter from a family she worked with in one of our Georgia programs.

Dear Ms. D. Hawkins,

I’m very proud to write this letter on behalf of Brandi Robinson.  Ms. Robinson was selected to come into our home at a very difficult time. My family was devastated with my son being placed on probation.  Through the pain of it all, Ms. Robinson managed to help soothe the burden. She came in with love, compassion, patience, honesty, and tool belt full of strategies to help our family bond closer and work out issues that we face as a family.  Each week, she came with different activities that taught meaningful ways to address everyday issues. We at times met in different settings that the kids really enjoyed, and look forward to.  I can remember a time where we had a mix up in our schedules, and because of that I had to reschedule.  My son was very disappointed and was begging me to meet that day.  I knew than that she had grown a special place in his heart, yet all of our hearts. She cared from day one and we felt it.  It’s people like Ms. Robinson that offers everything she has to save a FAMILY. She certainly has for mine. Coming to the end of our sessions were hard and very emotional, but it all was well worth it. I once heard the great Maya Angelou say, “that even in a tragedy, good can be found in it”, and Brandi Robinson was our GOOD.

                                                                                           With lots of thanks,

                                                                                              Wendy R. Hall


It’s testimonies such as these that exemplify the power of our staff and programs in bettering the lives of the individuals and families we serve.

Thank you Brandi for all that you have done to help this family as well as the others you have impacted in the past, present, and future.