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Neurofeedback in Santa Barbara, CA

Do you know what the cost to the community of a high-risk recidivist is? According to the Pew-MacArthur Results First Model, Santa Barbara County determined that the incremental cost to their community of a high-risk recidivist was $66,000 annually.
In Santa Barbara County, California, a group of individuals (ultimately named the Neurofeedback Project Team) began exploring the possible benefits of using Neurofeedback to reduce recidivism rates. Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that measures brain wave frequencies to produce a signal that can be used as feedback to teach self-regulation of brain function. Neurofeedback is commonly provided using video or sound, with positive feedback for desired brain activity and negative feedback for brain activity that is undesirable. Training the brain is based on the individual client’s brainwave pattern compared to an international database of thousands of brain scans. Training is also based on client response. The subtle feedback based training method is designed to change the brain over time.
CSI’s Neurofeedback Project Team in Santa Barbara California, under the supervision of Marty Wuttke of the Wuttke Institute, started a Neurofeedback Recidivism Reduction Project to be conducted over a 4-year period. Marty Wuttke is board Certified in Neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) and has been practicing Neurofeedback for 35 years. The goal of the project is to test the efficacy of Neurofeedback training in reducing recidivism of high-risk parolees returning to Santa Barbara County from State Prisons.
The Neurofeedback Project Team will be conducting a pilot program which will provide Neurofeedback to 20 clients over a 1 year period followed by incremental collection of 1-year recidivism data over the following year. The pilot program began in December 2017, with a goal to have completed measurements by late 2019.
On December 2nd Deirdre Smith, CSI’s Program Coordinator for the Santa Barbara Day Reporting Center (SB DRC), had 5 SB DRC clients show up for orientation and were brought to the Wuttke Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. These 5 clients completed brain mapping, and participated in the Stroop test. The Stroop test involves saying the color of a word not what the word says. For example the word BLUE is in green, therefore you should say “green.”
The next steps in the project are to randomly assign the clients into two groups, an intervention group and a control group.
The Neurofeedback Recidivism Reduction (NRR) Project has come into action through CSI’s collaboration with Rick Rooney – Chairperson of the Santa Barbara Reentry Steering Committee, the Wuttke Institute, and generous funding from both the James S. Bower Foundation and the Santa Barbara Foundation. CSI is delighted to be part of the NRR Project to reduce recidivism through a self-regulating, non-medical, innovative approach.