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Successful Gift Giveaway at CSI’s Norwich and New London AICs

Nonprofit Team Up

December 18th was a thrilling day for Community Solution, Inc.’s (CSI) Norwich and New London AIC (Alternative in the Community) clients – just in time for the gift giving holiday. Over 90 children of our AIC clients received toys from a Gift Giveaway event, due to CSI’s fortunate working relationship with Career Resources, Inc. and their recent collaboration with The Links, Inc. Norwich AIC Program Director, Tyler Griffin and New London AIC Program Director, Manny Tirado were present at the event to ensure it went as smoothly and positively as imaginable for CSI’s clients.

In just a week’s time, Career Resources and The Links were able to coordinate to make this gift giveaway event a reality. The Links made this possible by providing funding for the Career Coach RV and this event through a grant to Career Resources.

Career Resources purchased, pre-sorted and bagged the toys with clients’ names including the gender, age, and number of their children. Career Resources did such an outstanding and thorough job, they even made sure to have a few extra toys available in the event clients who may not have registered in time to attend the occasion, would receive gifts for their children.

On the day of the event, clients gathered in groups, at Norwich AIC in the morning and New London AIC in the afternoon, and walked onto a mobile version of “Santa’s Workshop” filled with toys to give to their children.  Career Resources and Links members presented and distributed the gifts on the Career Coach RV for 45 children of our Norwich AIC clients and 46 children of our New London AIC clients. There was a generous variety of toys ranging from: bikes, board games, arts & crafts, stuffed animals, sports balls, action figures, dress up clothes, and toy magician kits, just to name a few.


CSI would like to thank Career Resources, Inc. and the Links, Inc. for their fantastic support in making this holiday season a positive one for our Norwich and New London AIC clients and their children.