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Climbing the Ladder at CSI – Highlighting Internal Growth (Part 1 of 2)

Community Solutions, Inc. has seen numerous employees achieve multiple promotions during the agency’s fifty-two year history. While CSI has repeatedly benefitted from hiring external candidates, internal promotions have been a key component of the agency’s success. Internally-promoted staff have built relationships with stakeholders, community members, and clients; and bring a valuable familiarity with agency policies and practices to their new positions. Many large companies, including Chipotle and Procter & Gamble, have seen the benefits of internal promotion, which allows staff to build long-term working relationships while showing employees that their outstanding work can be rewarded.

CSI believes in the dedication and abilities of its employees and prides itself on giving staff the training, development, and opportunity needed to grow and flourish within the agency. Doing so allows staff to learn and grow in conjunction with CSI to help provide the best outcomes for our clients and communities. CSI’s training department, which offers over fifty trainings, supports a variety of professional growth opportunities.

To emphasize this theme, the following current employees have all achieved two or more promotions during their CSI career:

(Position abbreviation key) AA: Administrative Assistant, ACOO: Assistant Chief Operating Officer, AD: Area Director, APD: Assistant Program Director, Assoc. PD: Associate Program Director, CA: Case Aide, CL: Court Liaison, CM: Case Manager, CMS: Case Manager Supervisor, CS: Counselor/Clinical Supervisor, CSC: Community Service Coordinator, ES: Employment Specialist, HRC: Human Resources Coordinator, HSW: Human Service Worker, IS: Intervention Specialist, JD: Job Developer, OA: Operations Assistant, PC: Program/Project Coordinator, PD: Program Director, PRC: Payroll Coordinator, QAC: Quality Assurance Coordinator, SS: System Supervisor *Note: lateral moves within the agency are also included below*

Sherry Albert, Chief Operating Officer (2 promotions)
• CM – CMS – VP of Adult Services – COO
Amy Anderson, Danbury AIC Program Director (2)
• CMS – APD – PD
Tiffany Bell, Watkinson House Program Director (3)
• HSW – APD – Assoc. PD – PD
Rick Dalla Valle, Torrington AIC Job Developer (2)
• HSW – CSC – Sr. CSC – JD
Barbara Davis, Berman/Drapelick Associate Program Director (3)
• HSW – CMS – APD – Assoc. PD
Heather DeLeon, Torrington AIC Intervention Specialist (3)
• PT HSW (Counselor) – HSW I – HSW II – ES – CL – IS
Chimere Figgs, Chase Center Case Manager Supervisor (2)
• HSW – CM – CMS
Sally Guy, Adult Services Area Director (6)
• HSW – OA – CM – PC – APD – PD – AD
Tyler Griffin, Norwich AIC Program Director (2)
• CM – QAC – PD
Derek Harrison, Berman/Drapelick/Sullivan Program Director (3)
• HSW – CM – APD – PD
Michael Heck, Santa Maria DRC Project Coordinator (2)
• CA – CM – PC
Jill Hoch, Adult and Youth Services Area Director (2)
• CS – PD – AD
Megan Hunter, Pennsylvania Associate Program Director (2)
• Therapist – CS – Assoc. PD
Vonetta Lambert, Youth Services Area Director (4)
• Therapist – CS – PD – Supervising PD – AD
Mike Lang, Santa Barbara DRC Case Manager (2)
• CA – IS – CM
Theresa Lefebvre, Coventry House Program Director (2)
• AA – APD – PD
Sedgrid Lewis, Youth Services Georgia State Director (3)
• Therapist – CS – PD – SD
Lyndsey McLaughlin, Human Resources Manager (4)
• HR/Payroll Assistant – PRC – Sr. PRC – HRC – HR Manager
Holly Monroe, System Supervisor (2)
• CS – PD – SS
Uduak Nguessan, Hartford House Program Director (2)
• CS – APD – PD
Aileen O’Connor, Vice President of Development (5)
• CM – CMS – PD – AD – Sr. AD – VP of Development
Tysha Phillips, Georgia Program Director (2)
• Therapist – CS – PD
Tim Rizzio, Bridgeport AIC Assistant Program Director (2)
• HSW – CM – IS – APD
Olga Rudyak, Senior Accountant (2)
• Accounting Assistant – Accountant – Sr. Accountant
Marlene Thomas, Chief Financial Officer (3)
• Sr. Financial Analyst – Controller – VP of Finance – CFO
Liz Weiblen, Assistant Chief Operating Officer (6)
• HSW – CM – CMS – APD – PD – AD – ACOO

CSI would also like to honor former employee Bill Sullivan, who was promoted a remarkable six times during his career with the agency. Bill was hired at CSI (then CT Halfway Houses Inc.) on November 16th, 1989 as a Counselor/Vacation Relief staff. He proceeded to work his way up through the Agency as follows:

• 2/15/93 – Promoted to Counselor Supervisor at Watkinson House.
• 11/28/95 – Promoted to Residential Training Coordinator.
• 2/01/98 – Promoted to Training Coordinator.
• 7/01/00 – Promoted to Program Specialist.
• 7/01/02 – Promoted to Program Specialist at Central Office.
• 7/01/03 – Transferred to Program Specialist for the Training Department.
• 9/18/06 – Promoted to Training & Quality Assurance Coordinator.

CSI Staff Promotions (2+)


The CSI Development Department is in the process of tracking the recent promotional history of the agency’s employees. To make sure that we are highlighting the achievements of every current staff member, please contact aserrano@csimail.org if you notice any missing staff members who have received two or more promotions.

For information about employment opportunities at CSI, please visit http://csionline.iapplicants.com/.