Our Name is Our Mission

Compliance at CSI

CSI is committed to providing our staff and clients with clear and ethical compliance direction relating to all federal and state health care program requirements and regulations.

Our Compliance Plan

CSI is committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards and complying with all applicable federal and state laws. To evidence this commitment, CSI has developed and implemented a Compliance Plan which is intended to provide a compliance roadmap for the company and its subsidiaries.  This plan sets forth a framework to promote integrity of the organization and its compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

To promote corporate compliance, the plan contains specific elements of a corporate compliance plan that complies with the regulations set forth by the Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) of the Department of Health and Human Services and with the requirements of the Bureau of Program Integrity of the Department of Public Welfare (“BPI”).  The OIG encourages providers to establish voluntary compliance programs to educate and attempt to control fraud, waste and abuse.  As a Medical Assistance provider, CSI is required to prepare, maintain and implement a written Compliance Plan.  The Plan includes nine elements guided by Pennsylvania’s requirements for Provider Compliance Plans as outlined below:

  1. Established written compliance standards, policies and procedures.
  2. Specific high level individuals hold responsibility.
  3. No delegation of substantial discretionary authority.
  4. Effective internal and external communications.
  5. Established monitoring and auditing systems designed to detect criminal activity.
  6. Consistent enforcement through disciplinary standards and mechanisms.
  7. Response and corrective action must take all reasonable steps to respond to the offense.
  8. Compliance Plan Overall Effectiveness.
  9. Conducting effective training and education.

Once an issue is identified, the Corporate Compliance Officer works with the applicable departments to investigate and resolve the issue. All issues are recorded and tracked for timely resolution.

Contact Us

We encourage you to call the Corporate Compliance Officer at 860-683-7173 or email us at compliance@csimail.org to discuss any potential compliance concerns. In addition, the Compliance Hotline is available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 860-231-2204. 

You can make a report either anonymously or by using you name. All reports received by either the Corporate Compliance Officer or Hotline are appropriately investigated.