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Notice to Applicants

If you applied for a position with CSI prior to September 25th, 2017, please click the button link below to access our old employment portal.

New applications and job listings are no longer available at the old employment portal. Please use the links provided elsewhere on this page.

Join the CSI Team!

Thank you for your interest in employment at Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI), and our career opportunities. We are looking for dedicated and talented people who want to make a difference in their community.

CSI is a private, nonprofit community-based company which has been providing quality human services for more than 50 years. We serve more than 8,000 clients annually in innovative programs designed to provide comprehensive and individualized services.


CSI offers a wide variety of residential, non-residential, and out-client services for youth, adults, and families, serving male and female clients. We also have a Training and Resource Center that provides cutting-edge training and/or quality assurance services in a number of states. CSI has grown to operate nearly 50 programs in Canada and 10 states, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Equal Opportunity Employer

CSI is an equal opportunity employer. Except where required as a bona fide qualification for employment, all job applicants are recruited, hired, assigned, supervised, and considered for promotion on the basis of position knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, present or past history of mental disorder, mental retardation, learning disability, physical disability, or genetic information.

Learn about Equal Employment and the law.

Company Goals

We believe the community needs all its members, and that all its members can make positive contributions to the community. We assist people who are socially disadvantaged and currently unable to make positive contributions to a larger community, to become effective and productive members of that community.

As we promote self-reliance, responsibility, and accountability for our clients, we seek the same for our organization. We are proactive in working with clients and the community on identified specific needs. Using the knowledge gained from our research and experience, we offer a broad spectrum of services in response to both current and emerging needs.


We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in the quality of services we provide. We are responsible and accountable for achieving specific results which benefit both our clients and the larger community. We are committed to achieving these results, and at the same time, achieving fiscal and programmatic self-sufficiency through cost effectiveness of our operations, and the diversity of our funding sources.

We need the active involvement and commitment of diverse individuals and groups, including employees, clients, staff, board members, and volunteers to succeed. We share responsibility for this success with those individuals and groups. To this end, we strive to foster the highest potential and empowerment of everyone involved in CSI and to create an organizational climate which sustains everyone's active participation and positive contribution.

We work in collaboration with other service providers to assure a community network of service and support for clients to strengthen their ability to function independently and effectively. Through this same network, we also work to enhance the community's ability to integrate clients as productive and contributing community members.