Our Name is Our Mission


Over 50 Years of Experience

“The advent of Connecticut Half-Way House, Inc., marks the first time in 90 years (when the Connecticut Prison Association was founded) that a private agency has emerged in Connecticut focused on meeting adult correctional needs.”

(November 11, 1964 CHH Progress Report)

From Local Beginning to International Impact

Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) has been a pioneer in community based services since its founding in 1962 (then named Connecticut Halfway House). Our agency’s history is steeped in advocacy and commitment to our clients and our communities.   Our founders diligently worked to solve problems voiced by public officials across the state, namely, the need for a community-based residential program to ease over-crowding and to provide services to aid in community re-integration.

We launched the first halfway house in New England with a model that was ultimately replicated across Connecticut and have since grown to operate nearly 50 programs and/or services in ten states and Canada. CSI has built upon its successful foundation and has expanded to serve thousands of adults, youth, and families each year. This is done through partnerships with county, state, and federal juvenile and adult criminal justice systems and child welfare agencies.  We are proud to continue to further the successes of our early programs and to live up to our name, Community Solutions.

Our Services and Programs


Adult Services

Improving Communities Through Quality Services


Youth Services

Improving the Lives of Youth and Families

Full Portfolio of Services

  • Evidence Based Models and Curricula
  • Day Reporting/Reentry Programs
  • Adult Residential Work Release Programs
  • Youth Residential Programs
  • Home-Based Therapy
  • Gender-Responsive Programs
  • Community Service Programs
  • Training and Quality Assurance
  • Youth Out-Client or Community Based Services
  • Case Management
  • Trauma Informed Services
  • Group and Individual Counseling
  • Employment Programs
  • Aftercare