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Adult Programs: Community-Based Programs

Customized Services for Our Clients and Funders

Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) provides a variety of services in community-based settings to assist in reintroducing offenders to their communities, family systems, and other social supports in a thoughtful manner aimed at reducing recidivism. The various community-based programs CSI offers include:

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

Through a contract with Rhode Island Department of Corrections, CSI provides community-based multifaceted intervention services. These address anti-social attitudes, values, beliefs, thinking and/or other criminal cognitions geared toward the specific risks and needs of offenders on Probation and Parole. The program uses cognitive behavioral treatment with Motivational Interviewing techniques and a curricula-driven model designed to assess the needs of each client to reduce individual risk factors.

Community Court

In Waterbury, CT, offenders charged with misdemeanors are assigned to perform one to three days of community service in lieu of fines or jail time. Participants clean up parks, vacant lots and schools, or serve meals and clean soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Community Court staff meets with the city and neighborhood associations to match projects with local needs.

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Probation and Report Resource Centers

In California, CSI was awarded a contract by Santa Barbara County Probation for AB109 probation clients, further extending CSI’s services in the county to provide R&R II groups and employment support on site at the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria Probation and Report Resource Centers (PRRCs).

Ventura Case Management

In California, CSI provides Evidence-Based Case Management to Ventura County Probation clients. The program addresses the fundamental principles of evidence-based correctional practice by: objectively assessing criminogenic risks, enhancing intrinsic motivation, targeting higher-risk offenders, and addressing offenders’ greatest criminogenic needs.

Ventura Seeking Safety

In Ventura County, California, CSI provides Seeking Safety for outpatient clients, with gender-responsive services for adult males and females, and similar services for the AB109 population in-custody at Todd Road Jail.