Our Name is Our Mission

The Power of Positive Reinforcement

The staff of Bridgeport AIC put together 6 gift baskets during the holidays with various goodies and prizes. Clients who attended their groups were eligible to earn raffle tickets for the drawings. A staff member from Court Support Services Division (CSSD) noted that “All bail, family, and probation clients showed up for their groups. I was fortunate to be there to see a female client pick up her prize. Her excitement for winning and pride for accomplishing her attendance was heartwarming to say the least and made me so very proud of our clients and our programs.  What a wonderful way to end the year!”

The Executive Director of CSSD, Gary Roberge, added “This is an awesome representation of exactly what we should be doing. Excellent work by Bridgeport AIC and our clients. Great story to end the year and get us to focus on more things like this for next year!!”

We are so proud of the work of the clients and staff of Bridgeport AIC. Special thanks go out to Sherice Reid, Case Manager, for the creative idea and for putting the baskets together and to David Torres for helping ensure the clients were acknowledged. 2018 will undoubtedly bring more positive happenings at Bridgeport AIC!  Great work!