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Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) Training and Resource Center (TRC) offers training sessions provided by professionals with a wide array of experience and backgrounds. Each session is tailored to meet the needs of our customers. The CSI TRC faculty includes doctorate-level professors and clinicians, bilingual trainers and coaches, professional trainers, and MINT (Motivational Interviewing funders Miller and Rolnick certification) trainers.

Judith McCusker

Director of Training and Resource Center

Judy has been with CSI since 2009 and received a Bachelor’s degree in English and Education from Mount St Mary's University in Maryland and a Master’s degree from Fairfield University in Community Counseling.

During her free time, Judy loves to run and is quite handy, enjoying house projects such as making a patio, hanging a lamp, and even fixing her own dryer machine. Judy has a passion for travel.

“Training and QA go together for me because both are part of a learning experience.  I think the most important part of any learning experience from the trainer and QA coach perspective, is to be able to create an environment conducive to learning/change. A facilitator's main job is to create a safe place for everyone to be vulnerable enough to learn and change. That is the most important part of our job – the payoff is being a witness to that change. That is what I love – and I am a person the learner can return to for as long as they need to and we both can celebrate that moment. Creating a place where people can be vulnerable and try to change is how I see our job and I love that.”

Angie Carrion

Trainer and Quality Assurance Manager

Angie has been with CSI since 2013 and received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a Minor in Sociology from Central Connecticut State University.

Angie is all about spending time with her 2 year old daughter, family, having girl time and catching up with childhood friends. When the weather is warm you can find Angie outside or when it’s a cold or rainy day she’ll likely be found catching up on her favorite TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order SVU.

“Training is so important because we are working with programs whose goal is to help clients make positive changes. By creating potential for better decision making and bettering the future lives of clients through use of the interventions we are facilitating, means that trainings are essential to accurate facilitation of the interventions.”

Eric Cadrain

Quality Assurance Coach and Trainer

Eric has been with CSI since 2017 and received a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from the University of Connecticut. During Eric’s free time, you just might find him reeling one in because he loves fishing. Otherwise, he loves to spend time with his family.

“I became a trainer because I’ve worked in the Human Service field for 12 years and I wanted to utilize my experience in order to coach others who have been in my shoes. Ultimately, I would still be helping our clients by collaborating with their respective counselor/case manager/therapist.”

Maria Clow

Trainer and Quality Assurance Manager

Maria has been with CSI since 2012 and is currently in in the process of obtaining a Master’s of Social Work from the University of New England. During Maria’s free time she spends time with her children and grandson. 


“Respect should be given to the training investment by aligning content with expectations. It is my hope that by defining the needs of the group in attendance and targeting a training to meet those needs, individuals leave better prepared to handle the ‘real life’ situations pertaining to their role within an organization.  Learning is more effective when it is collaborative in nature and knowledge is better retained when provided in an environment that supports each individual’s unique style of obtaining information; Visual (spatial), Verbal (linguistic) and Physical (kinesthetic).”

Lori Hayducky

Quality Assurance Coach and Trainer

Lori has been with CSI since 2013 and received a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from Sacred Heart University. Lori spends her free time running and keeping active, lives for sunny beach days and calls herself a “foodie” because she enjoys trying out new local restaurants.

“Training is important to me as it allows one to strengthen and develop skills in a supportive setting. Creating a learning culture allows individuals to share ideas openly and collaborate with others to ultimately strengthen each other's skill set.”

Stephanie Pompeo

Trainer and Quality Assurance Manager

Stephanie has been with CSI since 2014 and received a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and English from Roger Williams University. During Stephanie’s free time, she enjoys taking pictures, spending time with family, her two sons and watching her oldest play baseball.

“Training is so important because everyone has knowledge that can be shared with others. I love to share my expertise with others to spark their curiosity and their growth as professionals. Learning from one another is key to change and success.”

Tiffany Parkhouse

Trainer and Quality Assurance Manager

Tiffany has been with CSI since 2006 and received a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Tiffany also loves to run, bake, sing karaoke, and spend special time with her 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter.

“We can't grow without learning and being trained is key to learning. As a trainer I look at trainings as my opportunity to get someone excited about what they do. To motivate them, educate them and ultimately make them better at their job.  And in the case of our field, this has greater implications because as people are better equipped to do their job, clients are potentially changed and the more clients change the better the impact on society."

Peter Cifaldi

Quality Assurance Coach and Trainer

Peter has been with CSI since 2017 and received a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Connecticut. Peter also enjoys spending time with his family which includes his wife, 3 year old son and 6 month old daughter, fishing, and watching sports.

“I believe like any profession the more you practice and train, the stronger you will become. Professional athletes train on a daily basis to stay in the best possible shape. We should use this theory in every profession. The more we train and learn, the better we will be at our jobs.”

Heath Greene

Trainer and Quality Assurance Manager

Heath has been with CSI since 2010 and received a Bachelor’s degree in Consumer Studies, Merchandising and Design from the University of Vermont, and received a Master’s degree in Education from Cambridge College. Heath started at CSI as an Intervention Specialist running coping skills groups for Reasoning and Rehabilitation, Substance Use and Employment and joined the training department in 2012.

Heath enjoys spending time with his spouse, friends, cooking, watching sports and stays active by participating in fitness activities.

“For me it is important to develop a relationship that is built on respect and trust.  In order to be a successful coach there needs to be trust, transparency, communication and respect for the people I work with. My approach with staff is loosely based on the Laissez Faire Supervision style where I work to identify and work with my staff’s strengths and allow them to direct where they would like to go in the quality assurance process. I am systematic, meaning I plan accordingly with my approach to coaching and feedback that is tailored around the individual’s learning style and skills. It is important for me to know the strengths, barriers, learning style and goals of the people I work with in order for them to be successful. I believe that my personality which is outgoing, social and relational but is mixed with a direct and honest approach to how I deliver my feedback. I have a strong skill of motivational interviewing along with my empathy that allows me to be a strong positive influence and effective coach to the people that I work with.”

Michele Nolan

Quality Assurance Coach and Trainer

Michele has been with CSI since 2017 and received a Bachelor’s degree with a Major in Criminal Justice, Minor in Psychology, and Certificate in Human Services Administration from the University of New Haven. Michele is currently in the process of obtaining a Master’s of Social Work from Southern Connecticut State University. Michele is also in the process of earning a certification to be a Substance Abuse Counselor through CT Counseling Inc.

During Michele’s free time you can find her hiking, listening to music, reading a book, cross-stitching, or spending time with her cat.

“Training is so important to me because I enjoy helping others grow and learn new skills. Continuous education ensures we are using best practices to help our clients.”

Debbie Smith

Training Registration Coordinator

Debbie has been with CSI since 2005. For fun Debbie enjoys completing crossword puzzles, gardening, and spending quality time with family.

“Trainings are important to me because staff who are trained are able to perform their job better and are more qualified to share knowledge with their clients. Trainings also build an employee’s confidence. Staff in turn, have a better understanding of their job responsibilities. Confidence leads staff to perform even better and think of innovative ideas that may help them excel.”