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What They're Saying About Us

"My coach has been so encouraging and has pushed me to set myself up for program champion status…a goal that I never thought I could achieve but can now actually see in my I am so grateful to have him as my coach!"

"My QA Coach is very helpful in the feedback that she gives and I always walk away from our sessions feeling empowered and motivated to do She has helped me very much in improving my MI skills and I am very grateful for everything she has done for me."

"The QA process provides me understanding of the skills I provide to the clients. It also gives me the opportunity to grow in the services I provide. I'm grateful to the QA process because it teaches me to provide quality services to my clients. I also take a look at my strengths and challenges. My QA coach uses a strength based approach and encourages me to make goals."

"My QA Coach is a great source of encouragement and always presents as genuine."

"CSI TRC staff does an amazing job of delivering areas of improvement and still allows clients/case managers to be who they are. QA coach criticism is constructive and builds you up as a case manager. You leave QA feeling good and ready to work on areas of need or improvement."

The Latest Buzz About CSI TRC

Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) offers a portfolio of services to thousands of adults referred through contracts with all branches of the state and federal criminal justice systems, as well as social service agencies. CSI staff work with adults, youth, families and communities throughout the country, achieving excellent outcomes and consistently receiving high marks from outside evaluators.

CSI and its Training and Resource Center have always delivered a high quality product. They have been a vanguard in the delivery of evidence-based service models. I have found their administrative and training staff to be competent professionals with firsthand experience in working with criminal offenders and delinquents. Without reservation I highly recommend them to any perspective client.

Corrections Consultant from Solano County, California Probation Department

JBCSSD has had a long and positive working relationship with CSI's Training and Resource Center delivering QA services and has assisted JBCSSD in achieving positive outcomes for our clients. I highly recommend CSI to do similar work with other agencies.

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division (JBCSSD)

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